In the press: Wellness Tourism on Paros, Eco-Farms, Yoga, and Much More

Eleftheria Alavanou writes in Travel portal “Greece Is” about wellness holidays on Paros, and describes the experience of visiting Kamarantho.

“Our visit to Petra Farm was a good stop along these lines. As was that to Kamarantho, an organic farm which is guided by the principles of permaculture (it even has a composting toilet with sawdust). It is a paradisiacal place, one with acacias, peach and fig trees, summer savory, sage, marjoram and rock samphire on which baby snails are affixed. The air is fragrant with the scent of Cretan oregano, which is better adapted to the environment than the northern Greek variety. The banana trees are thriving in the greenhouse, which makes for a lovely spot for an unusual breakfast.

With Michalis, who works on the farm as our guide, we try physalis fruit (aka ground cherries – a bittersweet fruit with a peculiar taste), kale and nasturtium leaves and flowers. The nibbling continues, more formally, at the kiosk with “souma” (a local type of pomace brandy), bread, and aromatic Koroneiki variety olives.”

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